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Just Do It!


I always hear people say, “Must be nice to live in Florida,” “Great weather alllllll year, huh?” “I’m so sick of the cold weather…” Granted many reasons keep these people from actually uprooting themselves from Indiana (or any state) and moving to Florida, but for those people who aren’t so attached yet (fresh college grad, not married, no kids, still looking for a job….) why not just do it? Easier said then done, yes, but yesterday I walked outside and it was 80 and sunny, and it took my mom over four hours to get home from Indy because of the snow/ice.

Many of you, including myself at one point, thought Southwest Florida was a haven for elderly–and it still is, to a certain degree. But, go out on a Thursday, Friday, or Saturday and it’s like magic–young to mid twenty-something year-olds are all over the place.

Not into the whole “college” scene/look anymore? I see young, tailored looking guys everywhere, more so at Blu Sushi then anywhere (I haven’t been to that many places yet..) … it’s a nice break from the jeans/New Balance/North Face clones that are all over IU’s campus.

Anyway, my whole point is that next time you say something like “I should just move to Florida…” actually do something about i! Maybe not next week, or next month, or even next year, but sometime. It’s worth it!


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I’m Just a Kid!

I do a lot of things that make me feel grown up and responsible (a schedule, not hitting the snooze button, my own extension at the office, etc)–technically, I AM an adult (of almost 4 years), but sometimes I still feel like there is a kid inside of me fighting to live a little bit longer–a feeling that is probably healthy for most adults, and should be felt by more people than it is. Is it a sign that we grew up too fast? That we’re overworked? Overwhelmed?

That feeling is partially why I am doing this eight month internship here in Ft. Myers. Somewhere between learning my ABC’s, struggling with Algebra, and putting together a research campaign proposal for an actual company I lost my desire to learn. You know that one-year hiatus some people take between their senior year in high school and first year of college (or anytime in life, really) to get their life together (not saying mine was falling apart) and clear their mind? The next seven and a half months is that for me. No, I’m not backpacking through Europe totally doing nothing, but this change in pace and glimpse of the “real world” is what I need to get myself motivated for my last year (ehh….maybe year and a half) of school.

And you know what? It’s done wonders already. I’m eating better, working out more, attending YP events (young professionals…it’s a networking thing), and getting involved with the American Cancer Society (thanks joy!).


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Twins Trivia!

Weather Update: The temperature, with the windchill, was in the 30’s this morning in Ft. Myers…. Fox Ch. 4 told me these were the coldest temperatures in 8 years!

Bet you didn’t know that fun fact, or these following 10 facts, either:

1) Why did the Metrodome roof deflate in three consecutive years- 1981, 1982, and 1983?
-Heavy snow caused a tear in the roof
2) Which Twins player only struck out ONCE in high school?
-Joe Mauer
3) This Twins player became the first pitcher in club history to record 36 or more saves in four consecutive seasons.
-Joe Nathan
4) On August 5th, 2001, a power outage in the Metrodome caused the air conditioning to shut down during a game, raising the Dome temperature to a soaring ____ degrees.
5) Which current Twins player was named 2007 Twins Minor League Pitcher of the Year?
-Kevin Slowley
6) Which Twins infielder’s father was drafted by the Boston Red Sox?
-Nick Punto
7) Michael Cuddyer won what national award in 1997?
– Gatorade Player of the Year
8)In 2007, which current Twins player became the fourth Twin to have a three-homer game, and the first since Tony Oliva?
-Justin Morneau
9) Manager Ron Gardenhire was born in what country?
10) Who was the 1987 World Series MVP?
-Twins pitcher Frank Viola

My first assignment this morning was to browse through the Twins Media Guide and make up fun facts, so look for these questions in the 2009 Twins Spring Training program!

Who knew Ron Gardenhire was born in Germany? Or that the Metrodome roof collapses frequently? Or that is was 35 degrees in Florida this morning?

25 days until pitchers/catchers report!


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Grown up life = less social.

First, let it be known that I am absolutely LOVING the fact I have no tests to study for, no office hours to visit, and no long nights at the library.

Now that I said that, grown up life has made me LAME. Lame in the aspect that I spent Sunday afternoon (after a couple hours at the pool) grocery shopping, doing laundry, putting dishes in the dishwasher (trying to keep my arms toned) and finally unpacking everything from the move. A Sunday back at school? I could definitely be found in my bed, watching Friends re-runs or a Lifetime movie.

Last night, (Monday) I went to the gym, came home, watched the news, caught up with friends, and went to bed. A Monday back at school? Anyone who goes to IU will be at Kilroys for happy hour all night, drinking cheap beer and eating the best .50 cent cheese sticks ever.

Today is Tuesday, and that just happens to be $2 Tuesdays @ Kilroys. What am I doing tonight? Going to the gym after work, watching the news, and probably going to bed.

I feel a pattern developing here, and at 21 I’m not really sure how I feel about it!

But, one thing is for sure: I’m going to be a few Advil richer, a couple more hours rested, and one headache less then the majority of IU’s 38,000 student campus 🙂

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Major (league) Excitement

It’s 11 a.m. here at Hammond Stadium and I just got off the phone with 9 major league teams concerning their Spring Training rosters… however, seeing that it is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, I left messages at most of the offices. None the less, it feels exciting calling someone from the big leagues.

I think the idea of major league baseball excites everyone– as I looked out my office window (just left of home plate) early last week, I saw a couple moving from seat to seat, trying to decide what seat location was best for their Twins Spring Training season tickets. I wondered–what were they thinking each time they moved seats? When the couple was seated about 10 rows up behind home plate, were they imagining Joe Mauer making a play to 1B Justin Morneau? When they were behind the Twins dugout, were they seeing Twins players exchanging high-fives, a slap on the rear, or hoping to personally wish their favorite player good luck?

I know with my “season ticket seat” located on the 3rd floor of Hammond Stadium, I look out everyday on one of the best manicured fields in minor league (and spring training baseball) and get excited all over again that I go to work where others come to play games. In that aspect, I feel like I’m not at work at all. 🙂

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I’m A Floridian!

If my title doesn’t explain it, I’m an intern… I earn a small paycheck, I happily make copies, and my title is actually an “administrative assistant.” I want to thank the Fort Myers Miracle for their efforts in making my job sounding as professional as possible :).

On that note, my job entails ‘administrating assisting’ the Minnesota Twins during Spring Training (Feb, March, April) and their single A minor league team, the Fort Myers Miracle (April, May, June, July, August).

I got my start last summer as a game day intern for the Miracle– I worked only on game days and danced my way through the season…literally. A Miracle game is not complete without the Chicken Dance and YMCA…classic baseball game entertainment performed by a selection of lucky game-goers and yours truly. Between planning and performing countless other on-field games, I decided I kind of liked this gig–enough to do a semester internship by earning school credit and staying until the end of the Miracle season for my second summer in Fort Myers…promotion: head intern!

You must be on the edge of your seats by now, so I’ll let the anticipation build until tomorrow when I am at the office 🙂

A quote I heard last week at the Florida State League Intern Boot Camp… “Don’t point the gun at him, he’s an unpaid intern!”


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