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I’m A Floridian!

If my title doesn’t explain it, I’m an intern… I earn a small paycheck, I happily make copies, and my title is actually an “administrative assistant.” I want to thank the Fort Myers Miracle for their efforts in making my job sounding as professional as possible :).

On that note, my job entails ‘administrating assisting’ the Minnesota Twins during Spring Training (Feb, March, April) and their single A minor league team, the Fort Myers Miracle (April, May, June, July, August).

I got my start last summer as a game day intern for the Miracle– I worked only on game days and danced my way through the season…literally. A Miracle game is not complete without the Chicken Dance and YMCA…classic baseball game entertainment performed by a selection of lucky game-goers and yours truly. Between planning and performing countless other on-field games, I decided I kind of liked this gig–enough to do a semester internship by earning school credit and staying until the end of the Miracle season for my second summer in Fort Myers…promotion: head intern!

You must be on the edge of your seats by now, so I’ll let the anticipation build until tomorrow when I am at the office šŸ™‚

A quote I heard last week at the Florida State League Intern Boot Camp… “Don’t point the gun at him, he’s an unpaid intern!”


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