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I’m Just a Kid!

I do a lot of things that make me feel grown up and responsible (a schedule, not hitting the snooze button, my own extension at the office, etc)–technically, I AM an adult (of almost 4 years), but sometimes I still feel like there is a kid inside of me fighting to live a little bit longer–a feeling that is probably healthy for most adults, and should be felt by more people than it is. Is it a sign that we grew up too fast? That we’re overworked? Overwhelmed?

That feeling is partially why I am doing this eight month internship here in Ft. Myers. Somewhere between learning my ABC’s, struggling with Algebra, and putting together a research campaign proposal for an actual company I lost my desire to learn. You know that one-year hiatus some people take between their senior year in high school and first year of college (or anytime in life, really) to get their life together (not saying mine was falling apart) and clear their mind? The next seven and a half months is that for me. No, I’m not backpacking through Europe totally doing nothing, but this change in pace and glimpse of the “real world” is what I need to get myself motivated for my last year (ehh….maybe year and a half) of school.

And you know what? It’s done wonders already. I’m eating better, working out more, attending YP events (young professionals…it’s a networking thing), and getting involved with the American Cancer Society (thanks joy!).


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