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Wow…I’ve been so busy!! We moved our offices from upstairs on the 3rd floor to down in the tunnel so the Twins front office can move in for Spring Training… that was some serious moving! Annnd we get to move it all back up in about 6 weeks. Anyway, I don’t have the Internet downstairs yet and I have been too tired when I get home so that’s why I am a little behind!

Anyway, my uncle Mike and my 90-year-old Grandpa are here for a little vacation until March 11th…. Actually, they already had this planned before I got this job, therefor, I’m the one intruding on their space. I was a little nervous at first, but it’s great hearing that I “sure look pretty” every morning before I go to work, and that my cooking is “perfect!” Good ‘ol G-Pa. He is such a sweet old guy! Having “guests” has improved my cooking– it’s nice to have people enjoy what you make! Last night, my uncle said it was “restaurant worthy.” I’m not sure about that, but I’l take it!

It’s also nice to have my Grandpa around, seeing that he is 90. I feel very lucky I get to spend this much time with him. He’s pretty funny and says the funniest things…partly due to memory loss and partly because he is catching up on all the times my Grandma didn’t leave him any room to say anything! Shout-out to G-Ma Helen….G-Pa and I (and everyone) love and miss you very, very much, 9-20-06.

My mom and Aunt TIsh get here in 2 weeks for a 2 week vacation… going to be a full house! Oh, I also joined a new gym and absolutely love ANYTIME FITNESS! I got my booty kicked tonight at class. If I thought I was working out hard before, I was sooo wrong. Their staff (props to chris, michael, & matt!) is awesome and I actually ENJOY working out now.

Hope everyone is surviving the cold and snow up North!



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