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Resident of Florida: 1 month

Well, I have been living in Florida for 1 month now, and the temperatures have dipped below the freezing mark about 5 or 6 times… Apparently when I left Indiana I didn’t leave the cold weather behind. Fortunately, the forecast this weekend is 80 and sunny! šŸ™‚

Anyway, in my first month as an intern, I have accomplished the following:
-taste tested foreign beers for Ballpark Festival of Beers (i’ll stick to Bud Light)
-called 9 Major League teams demanding their spring training rosters
-researched information for the Farm League Report in the Spring Training program and wrote articles on every farm league team affiliated with the Twins
-ate expired beef jerkey almost every day (thanks Rory and Josh) so we didn’t feel guilty throwing it away (oxymoron: you probably SHOULD throw away expired beef jerkey….)
-cleaned out and organized the “tunnel”… it was a daunting task, trust me
-made somewhere around or over 200 name tags for spring training employess

and my accomplishments in my personal life thus far:
-joined a new gym
-got in my first fender-bender (in the lexus, no less. sorry m & d)
-became roommates with my uncle and 90 yr old grandpa
-became a much, much better chef šŸ™‚
-consistantly hit the snooze button only ONCE every morning (i get up at 7am these days. rough.)
-became the proud owner of “business clothes”
-became the proud owner of my own business cards! ( i have my own extension now too…i’m sooo professional :))

there’s more, of course, but my writing time is limited here at work… being in the real world is hard!


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