West Palm Beach

I’m not even going to point out the fact I have been absolutely awful on updating this…so let me catch you up in a nutshell what has happened since my last post in March.  I had an awesome time on spring break, finished up my last real semester of college, started and finished summer school in six weeks (officially DONE with college!), moved home in June, and spent the remainder of my summer at the lake in Culver, with some of my best friends in Chicago,  and rounded my footloose and fancy free time off with a mini-vaca to Florida in July. So, that’s that. This is what happened next:

As my life seemingly keeps guiding me away from the Midwest, I have found myself in Florida, again.  This time, however, I moved to West Palm Beach to work for The Breakers Palm Beach in their Golf Operations.  I have been in orientation and training for the past week and have my first “real” day tomorrow.  I am beyond excited to work for such a great family owned resort–something really rare for a hotel/resort in this day and age. If anyone ever visits Palm Beach, you can find me in the golf clubhouse! We have family friends down here who have been a tremendous help to me getting acclimated with the area and I can’t thank them enough.  When I moved to Fort Myers in 2008 and 2009, I didn’t have to worry where to live and had friends already down there–this time is a little different.  Luckily, though a couple connections, I have met a few people and went out last night on Clematis street, where all the bars and restaurants are in West Palm Beach.

It’s kind of funny trying to make friends when you’re older…when you’re little, you can attract friends because your mother forcefully made you play with your neighbor or set up a play date or you had a really cool new toy or Nintendo.  At 23, the newest “toy” I have is my iPhone and I really don’t think I’m going to draw any friends with that.  That being said, it takes being out of your comfort zone to try new things, meet new people, and really rely on your personality to make the most of your surroundings.  For instance, I didn’t meet anyone, but I went to the movies alone the other day.  Granted, I went at 4:05 so I didn’t feel like THAT much of a loser (but I mean really, it was kind of nice watching it in silence, not having the person next to me asking questions or what not) but a lot of people find it very uncomfortable doing things like this alone.  I am definitely not a ‘loner,’ per say, but I don’t mind going to movies alone or shopping or exploring. Lucky for me, downtown West Palm, right along the intracoastal, offers plenty of things to do and see.  And, I don’t seem to be the only newbie around here.  My friend and I also met someone last night at Roxys (a bar on Clematis) that had just moved here not too long ago.  Welcoming him into our “newbie” group, we all exchanged numbers and have plans to grab dinner/drinks again soon.  So, apparently, THAT is how you  make friends when you’re my age.  Sit at a bar in a very small number to show you don’t know anyone and wait for a bite.  In our case, it worked and we weren’t even trying.  Whatever works, right?   Anyway, this is life as of right now…let’s hope my friend count keeps growing!



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3 responses to “West Palm Beach

  1. Jody

    So excited for you!! I look forward to reading more about your adventures!!!

  2. Lauren

    Not to sound like a total creeper, but my name’s Lauren and I too just moved to WPB from the Midwest (Ohio) where I graduated this past May (Miami University). I moved down here for a job at one of the local tv stations and can completely understand what you mean. I never thought I was a “loner” type either, but it’s so different making friends here than at college! I’ve totally gone to the movies recently by myself too, lol.

  3. Princess Rosey

    Wow, this is really amazing! As for me I’ve been in wpb going on 3yrs now and the main reason am presently reading your story is because I just got done searching through google wpb chatrooms or social sites stuff etc to meet pplmy age. It is soo hard to make friends out here 😦 I’m 23yrs/o & back where am from I got tons n tons of friends but now am out here and it’s depressing lol. 2days ago I went mental & decided to write up a posting for CL in the Volunteering & Group section lol… crazy me! It was funny but no one has replied as yet so. But yeh, everyone sure is friendly around here! I just have no clue where exactly the young adults/ college kids hang. I haven’t been to clematis although I pass by heading to movies @cityplace or the library all the time lol. But anyways, I enjoyed your story! Maybe I gotta party a lil harder 😉 Hopefully someone who doesn’t mind gaining a friend will jump in “my life” soon enough 🙂 I’ve got faith! My hubby wishes me luck aswell.

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