West Palm Beach: 106 days later

It has been 106 days since my last post, and I can only blame loving West Palm Beach so much that I haven’t had time to update!  That, and the fact I had internet issues until December.  However, to be really honest, it took another blogger to point out that I have been doing a horrendous job updating my blog.  Thank you to “Johngy’s Beat” and this post to remind me that there are people who read (and miss!) my blog.

With that, I smiled when I read what I had written in September.  Although I don’t have a huge group of friends, I definitely have a few who I refer to as close friends.  One lives on the same street as I do and shares my love for de-stressing with a great catch-up session at our favorite bar (Shocktop for her, Blue Moon for me), another one lives on the floor below me (and also works at The Breakers) and has graciously let me borrow anything from a hammer to a wine opener., and the last one is also someone I met at work who is undoubtedly on the fast track to becoming a fantastic teaching pro.

Thankfully, I haven’t needed a large number of friends to feel welcome not only at The Breakers, but in West Palm in general.  Since my first day at work, so many people have given me advice on where to live, where to go, what places to avoid, and a helping hand and friendly smile without asking for anything in return.  Everyone knows what it’s like to be the “new kid,” and these people, my “work” family, has made it effortless for me to feel welcome.  A huge and wonderful thank you to everyone!

The downfall of living here, however beautiful and fun this city might be, is the fact that I don’t get to see my family frequently.  I was lucky enough to spend Christmas with them in Bonita Springs (in between Fort Myers and Naples) and had a great time.  My sister made the trip over to see my new apartment and I took her out to show her the town–we had such a fun time and I sooo wish she still lived in Miami so we would be closer!

I know some of my readers (if I have any left!) are used to more sport-related posts and stories, so I apologize–hopefully you can tolerate general updates on life until I work my way back into sports (still my passion!).  However, I do have a few articles and an interview I wrote for this baseball website this past fall.  Unfortunately, I haven’t had time to sit down and write anything for a bit but will post the stories that are under that link shortly!

If you’re still a reader, THANK YOU! If you’re new, welcome!


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