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LOL!! Hahaha. SMH! WTF?







 Are you really doing all these actions when your fingers are swiping over your iPhone keyboard, praying autocorrect doesn’t make you look like an idiot? 

Imagine if you did.  You’re sitting on the bus, your best friend texts you to re-cap her happy hour that got out of control and you respond with a mix of LOL!!! No f***** way.  Smh, Alison…you’re soooo crazy!

 Laughing to yourself and shaking your head back and forth on the 134 Express at 8am? Winking? Laughing you ass off?  You’d be considered a freaking nutso (my favorite is the wink face…is there an underlying meaning I’m missing here?  Are you trying to  be sexy? JUST TELL ME!) 

 Around ten years ago, my parents always asked who I was talking to on MSN Messenger or AIM or whatever form of chatting you used at that age.  I’d tell them and they would always respond, “would you talk to this person on the phone?  In person? If you wouldn’t, I don’t understand why you’re talking to each other.”

 In more cases than not, at fourteen years old, no, I probably would not talk to all of those people in person.  I’m not talking about strangers in chat rooms, I’m talking about kids from another school that you’ve met once or twice or the guy a grade or two ahead of you who asked for your e-mail address while you were warming up for a volleyball  game (true story! I had a Hotmail address then).   In the prime of my MSN Messenger/AIM existence, I can remember having six or seven or eight convos going at one time.  It was cool then, ok?

 As I got older, those nights of chatting turned to texting.  Ten cent per text, texting.  You can imagine how thrilled my parents were when those MSN/AIM chats transferred to texting and amounted into some monstrous bills.  Luckily, through a little maturity on my end (g2g, anyone?!) and a stern warning by my parents, my texting went down (we eventually went to unlimited…thankfully, since I hate talking on the phone) and the people I talked to were actually ones I talked to everyday in person.

 And then there was Skype.  I used it a ton in college (yes, to people I actually know and am friends with) but have kind of forgotten about it until recently.  Alas, I have climbed back on the bandwagon.  With all of my ten contacts or so.  Whatever.

 What stems from all this, however, is how easy it is to say things to someone via social media (@justintimberlake YOU’RE SO HOT!! @charliesheen WINNING!!! @ESPN DUDE…that was NOT a top ten play. You guys suck!!!!) or through texting that you wouldn’t normally say to their face.  And that’s understood—some people express themselves better through writing than speaking (me! me! me!). 

 I also understand it is a convenience.  Sometimes you just CAN’T talk on the phone.  The bus (you can, but it’s annoying….fyi), a loud bar, some desolate place where you don’t get enough service to hear someone but jussssst enough to send a text. 

Don’t misunderstand me here—I’m not hating on texting.  I love it.  It’s what people use it for at times that irks me.

 Anyway,  with this also comes A LOT of talk….and no action.

 “We should get a drink sometime lol.”  (So…are you being serious? If I text you and take you up on your offer are you going to act like you didn’t mention it?)

 “You going out tonight haha?” (What is funny about that? I take my weekends seriously.  Like, seriously fun.)

Facebook post: “Omg!!!! It was SO good running into you yesterday….let’s get dinner/drinks/go out soon?!?!”  (Like WTF?  Should we?  Because I haven’t heard from you in 3 months since you posted this).

 It also gives people an easy out when breaking plans or commitments.

 “Oh..I sent you a text!  I swear. My phone has been messing up lately.”

 “I’m so sorry I didn’t go!!  I left you a voicemail I think but it cut me off.”

 “Really?  Well, my phone died so I didn’t your message until the next morning.”

 You’re guilty of this, so am I. Once or twice.  It feels ok to do this to someone, but it never feels ok for them to do it for you.  You get that funny look on your face; you literally crinkle and turn up your nose and  give your phone a good “eff you” look and move on to whoever/whatever is better.  LOL!

But in reality, it’s sad we’re a disposable society that can write certain things like plans, commitments, dates, etc off that way.  Always moving on to the next one when what you have (person, material object) isn’t good enough or exactly what you wanted and ignoring things or people, hoping the technology Gods will save your butt with another “broken phone.”

 LOL.  JK, jk (are you really joking? Or kidding about joking? Laughing at what I said and joking about it?).

 Smh,  whatever.  Ttyl!


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