About Natalie


Wow, since my last “about me,” I have graduated from IU, moved to West Palm Beach, and now work at The Breakers Resort in Palm Beach, Fl (I work in Golf).  My love and drive to work in sports has not faded; it has only taken a slight detour during the jobless economy that so many other recent graduates are encountering as well.  For the time being, I am loving West Palm and everything it has to offer!  I keep finding myself back in the Sunshine State, but check back frequently to see where life takes me 🙂

I’m Natalie Platt, a 22-year-old journalism/sports marketing major at Indiana University, and I am finally (actually, it’s kind of depressing…) a SENIOR!  As you can read below, I just finished up a semester-long internship and am back at IU for the remainder of what I have left in school. Right now, I’m volunteering with the IU Athletic Media Relations Department as much as I can, while also being a member of the Hoosier Sports Business Organization.  I hope you enjoy my thoughts, experiences, and the meandering stories  and antics of a girl in the Big 10.  GO HOOSIERS!

January 2009-August 2009: I am currently fulfilling a semester long internship with the Minnesota Twins for Spring Training and their Single A minor league team, The Fort Myers Miracle, for their season, also.  This blog is for work and for fun– things I write for the Miracle Baseball website will appear on here (not until later in the season) and vice versa. It’s also a fun and creative way to keep my family and friends back home in Indiana updated on what I’m doing!



15 responses to “About Natalie

  1. Susan Pltt


    I enjoyed reading your blog. I am proud of you! Have a great time and keep the enthusiasm!


  2. Susan Platt

    P. S. I mean “Platt”!

    Indiana family

  3. Hillery

    grown up life = lame. told you!

  4. mdbirdlover

    Hi Natalie,

    Stumbled on your blog through tag surfer. Interesting.

  5. Hi Natalie-
    I’m happy to have stumbled upon your blog. Keep up the great writing. I’m looking forward to the months ahead of keeping tabs on the Twins and your internship with them.

    I’ve also added a link to your site on my ‘Blogroll’ so hopefully more people will stop by too.

    ’30-Year Old Cardboard’

  6. Natalie!
    Wow – didn’t know you were interning with the Twins, that’s awesome. Was recently talking about you and how my son had the biggest crush on you…now that you’re interning with the Twins I’m sure it will get even bigger – can’t wait to tell him. Sounds like things are going well – keep having fun!
    Stefani (Cassi and Bo too!)

  7. Lisa Small

    Natalie – Found this site through LC Alumni website. Love reading what you have been up to! Keep up the great work and enjoy!

  8. Maggie

    Nat! Your people watching blog is my fave yet! Sooooo funny!!

  9. Betsy Marschand

    Natty!! It looks like you are quite the busy girl down south but having fun while you’re at it. I love the blog and will probably use it as a study break and to keep tabs on you 😉 Miss you bunches!!!



  10. Betsy Marschand

    Natty!!! It looks like you are quite the busy girl down south but are having some fun while you’re at it. I hope you are having the time of your life! I love the blog and will probably use it as a study break and to keep tabs on you 😉 Miss you bunches!!!


  11. Kristin McFarland

    Hey Natalie! Your website is so great! I am so happy for you! You look like you are having a blast in Florida! Enjoy your time away from school!


    hey Natalie
    What does the ‘J’ stand for? My guess is Jean? Clue us in!

  13. bullpenbrian

    Natalie, nice blog. Love the fun reads. Pics are great too! I’ll be adding a link to my blog-roll at bullpenbrian.com!

  14. I liked reading your blog and would love to offer you a free MLB Fathead JR wall pin up in exchange for a post.  Email me back if you’re interested.

  15. Tom

    Hi Natalie-
    Follow you on Twitter of course- would like to see you update your blog more!

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