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Major (league) Excitement

It’s 11 a.m. here at Hammond Stadium and I just got off the phone with 9 major league teams concerning their Spring Training rosters… however, seeing that it is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, I left messages at most of the offices. None the less, it feels exciting calling someone from the big leagues.

I think the idea of major league baseball excites everyone– as I looked out my office window (just left of home plate) early last week, I saw a couple moving from seat to seat, trying to decide what seat location was best for their Twins Spring Training season tickets. I wondered–what were they thinking each time they moved seats? When the couple was seated about 10 rows up behind home plate, were they imagining Joe Mauer making a play to 1B Justin Morneau? When they were behind the Twins dugout, were they seeing Twins players exchanging high-fives, a slap on the rear, or hoping to personally wish their favorite player good luck?

I know with my “season ticket seat” located on the 3rd floor of Hammond Stadium, I look out everyday on one of the best manicured fields in minor league (and spring training baseball) and get excited all over again that I go to work where others come to play games. In that aspect, I feel like I’m not at work at all. 🙂

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