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Spring Training is Here!



It’s a breezy 80 degrees and sunny today here in Ft. Myers–what a great day to be working outside! I wear “work clothes” to work everyday but somehow find myself in my Nike running shorts and t-shirt by lunch…. there is lots of moving and cleaning that has to be done before Spring Training oficially starts. Today, I’m taking down the old billboards in the outfield–not a bad gig when the weather is this great!

New faces are starting to appear at the stadium–today it was the Twin’s clubhouse manager, “Hotrod,” and other guys from MN helping unload boxes and boxes of Gatorade and other clubhouse essentials. It’s nice to have a little activity down here–can’t wait until things really pick up tomorrow, when the Twin’s truck arrives with everything else for the clubhouse and players.

It’s amazing to me that I will be soon passing people like Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau down in the tunnel… as a sports fan, it’s hard to differenciate how I veiw them (sports celebrity) and how they view themselves (regular twenty-something-year-old).

Little boys dream of being like these guys the first day their dad’s teach them to play catch–I can’t imagine how Mauer feels knowing that every spring brings a new season of nights under the lights and every fall brings the opportunity of being Mr. October.

“You gotta be a man to play baseball for a living, but you gotta have a lot of little boy in you” -Roy Campanella


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Major (league) Excitement

It’s 11 a.m. here at Hammond Stadium and I just got off the phone with 9 major league teams concerning their Spring Training rosters… however, seeing that it is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, I left messages at most of the offices. None the less, it feels exciting calling someone from the big leagues.

I think the idea of major league baseball excites everyone– as I looked out my office window (just left of home plate) early last week, I saw a couple moving from seat to seat, trying to decide what seat location was best for their Twins Spring Training season tickets. I wondered–what were they thinking each time they moved seats? When the couple was seated about 10 rows up behind home plate, were they imagining Joe Mauer making a play to 1B Justin Morneau? When they were behind the Twins dugout, were they seeing Twins players exchanging high-fives, a slap on the rear, or hoping to personally wish their favorite player good luck?

I know with my “season ticket seat” located on the 3rd floor of Hammond Stadium, I look out everyday on one of the best manicured fields in minor league (and spring training baseball) and get excited all over again that I go to work where others come to play games. In that aspect, I feel like I’m not at work at all. 🙂

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