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The Challenges of Golf

Is Scotty Cameron a person...Or a putter? Both?!

It’s not surprising to people at work when I come over the radio and ask a question (or five).  Golf is not my area of expertise.  I can hold my own in other sports and put you to shame in baseball, but in this game that is you vs. nature (I mean it’s not like the course fights back…), I have a lot to learn.  I’m not making fun of my self, but letting everyone know that it’s ok to be out of your comfort zone and learn new things.  With that said, I thought I would share just a few anecdotes that have produced a few laughs from my co-workers at my expense:

-Someone was had lost a putter back in October (shortly after I started) and I was supposed to go down to the bag room to look for it.  The person who lost it said their name was on it, then proceeded to describe it.  I searched and searched, and finally saw a putter I thought fit the description.  I got on the radio and said something of the following:

“Ryan, I think I found the putter but it says Scotty Cameron on it.  I can’t remember the name of the person who lost it is that who it is?”

My question was greeted by a delayed response and then audible laughing from upstairs and a visit to the bagroom shortly after to help me with my search.  I can’t remember if the putter was actually found, but I DID learn that Scotty Cameron actually IS a person, but also a brand of putters….live and learn, folks.

In November, we hosted the ADT Skills Challenge.  With a very busy week, I was helping out in the staging area, attempting to send golfers on their way.  Having not worked in the staging area before (still, I should have figured this one out my self), a three some came around and I was setting up their carts.

I want to blame asking this question on the long hours of that week, but nonethless, I radioed our Director of Golf and asked the following question: “Tim…there’s a threesome that wants to go out.  So does that mean I give them two carts?”

After all the laughing, it was suggested that I might want to improve my golf knowledge…which would have come in handy for this next one.

At our driving range, there is a sign that indicates a golfer can only use a seven iron or under because of the close proximity of the tennis courts and the 17th fairway.  We’re not a true driving range–it’s more of a warm up facility–so we try to make sure that drivers especially are not used.  As I was passing by the hitting mats, I hear the distinct noise of someone using what was not a seven iron or anything below.

I kindly say hello the guest, point to his club and say “I’m sorry, but we don’t allow drivers on the range.”  The gentleman looks at me a little funny, informs me that it is not a driver but actually a three wood, and proceeds to ask if I golf.

Thankfully, I had my first golf lesson last week.

It’s important to be able to laugh at yourself as long as you learn from your mistakes!


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