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Twins Trivia!

Weather Update: The temperature, with the windchill, was in the 30’s this morning in Ft. Myers…. Fox Ch. 4 told me these were the coldest temperatures in 8 years!

Bet you didn’t know that fun fact, or these following 10 facts, either:

1) Why did the Metrodome roof deflate in three consecutive years- 1981, 1982, and 1983?
-Heavy snow caused a tear in the roof
2) Which Twins player only struck out ONCE in high school?
-Joe Mauer
3) This Twins player became the first pitcher in club history to record 36 or more saves in four consecutive seasons.
-Joe Nathan
4) On August 5th, 2001, a power outage in the Metrodome caused the air conditioning to shut down during a game, raising the Dome temperature to a soaring ____ degrees.
5) Which current Twins player was named 2007 Twins Minor League Pitcher of the Year?
-Kevin Slowley
6) Which Twins infielder’s father was drafted by the Boston Red Sox?
-Nick Punto
7) Michael Cuddyer won what national award in 1997?
– Gatorade Player of the Year
8)In 2007, which current Twins player became the fourth Twin to have a three-homer game, and the first since Tony Oliva?
-Justin Morneau
9) Manager Ron Gardenhire was born in what country?
10) Who was the 1987 World Series MVP?
-Twins pitcher Frank Viola

My first assignment this morning was to browse through the Twins Media Guide and make up fun facts, so look for these questions in the 2009 Twins Spring Training program!

Who knew Ron Gardenhire was born in Germany? Or that the Metrodome roof collapses frequently? Or that is was 35 degrees in Florida this morning?

25 days until pitchers/catchers report!


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